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Well, it's been a relatively mild winter but I hasn't be very clear, at least at night. From last November until recently I have struggled to get the image data that I was needing to get a respectable image of the Flame and Horse Head nebulas. From my location I have only been able to get a few hours of exposure data since November 2009.

The last few days have been pretty good though and I've managed to get more data in four days than the last four months combined. So to celebrate I've added to the Photo Gallery an image of NGC 2239, the Rosette Nebula, as well as the last three pictures in the galaxies album.

With galaxy season just starting and the planets Mars and Saturn in the evening sky I'm going to hopefully be adding some pictures of these objects in the months to come.

The International Year of Astronomy, is officially over so I removed the link to their web site. If you have an interest in things astronomical, go to the links page and have a look from there.